Bermuda is rapidly emerging as a global leader in technology sectors, including fintech and insurtech.

The island has pioneered a robust regulatory and legislative framework governing digital asset businesses that is attractive to companies looking for a quality ecosystem in which to test ideas, develop products and grow internationally.

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A pioneer of the world's most progressive digital asset business legislation


Our financial regulator has two innovation initiatives aimed at developing insurtech


As a blue-chip financial centre, Bermuda is a trusted domicile with talent and expertise

Financial Technology

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Supported by innovative legislation and significant expertise in risk and regulatory management, Bermuda provides a flexible yet reputable jurisdiction for quality fintech companies and digital assets business wanting to do business and is able to respond to the industry's rapidly changing needs.

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Innovation & Insurtech Developments

Bermuda has always been at the forefront of innovation and insurtech is no different. The Bermuda Monetary Authority operates two innovation tracks, the Regulatory Sandbox and the Innovation Hub, targeted at insurtech companies to facilitate efficiencies from new technology while ensuring compliance.

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