Bermuda has long been a premier jurisdiction for trusts, family offices and other private client structures.

As one of the first international trust jurisdictions, Bermuda has a superior regulatory framework, and judicial system, as well as internationally recognised trustees and lawyers that serve a broad spectrum of international businesses and high-net-worth clients.

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180+ Members

of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)

25+ Years

since the founding of the Bermuda Association for Licenced Trustees (BALT)

30+ Years

of trust legislation with innovative reforms responding to evolving needs

400+ Years

of political and legal stability with the principles of English law applied

26 Licensed Trust Companies

regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (at the end of 2022)

Trusts & Private Clients

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High-Net-Worth Services

Trusts & Other Private Client Structures

Bermuda is a leading trust jurisdiction that has been providing fiduciary services for private clients for more than 100 years. It provides many attractive structures, including the ability to create trusts that have an indefinite period of duration coupled with strong asset protection legislation.

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Family Office

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High-Net-Worth Services

Family Office Services

Bermuda has long been a premier jurisdiction in which to establish and maintain single and multi-family offices. Bermuda’s regulatory regime carefully balances privacy while ensuring the highest standards of global compliance supported by experienced and internationally recognised advisors.

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