Businesses support national effort and partner with public sector to bring Bermudians home.

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Hamilton, Bermuda, March 26, 2020— The corporate community and the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) are coming together in response to the country’s goal to bring Bermudian and Bermuda resident students currently stranded in the U.S. home during the COVID-19 crisis.

Butterfield, Skyport, Zurich Bermuda, Freisenbruch Insurance Group and SOL Petroleum Bermuda will charter two special flights from Atlanta today to enable a number of students, whose universities and colleges have shut down, and family members to return home. NetJets, HM Customs and the Department of Immigration have mobilised resources to operate the flight, land the plane and process the deplaning passengers.

Roland Andy Burrows, CEO of the BDA, said, “These are uncertain and unsettling times for people around the world. Our students in the U.S. who haven’t been able to find a way home as their schools closed and airlines suspended international flights, faced even greater uncertainty, as did their families.

“Working together we are pleased that we have been able to find a solution to get our students home to their loved ones during this time. We thank all of those involved for their help. One of Bermuda’s many great strengths is the resilience of her people and our ability to pull together as a community in times of difficulty.”

The charter flights are expected to land at L.F. Wade International Airport this evening.  Deplaning passengers will be required to self-isolate and monitor their health status for 14 days per Government policy.

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