Chubb Charitable Foundation – Bermuda Creates New Summer Volunteer Program for Bermudian Students

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 HAMILTON, BERMUDA, June 29, 2020 – The Chubb Charitable Foundation – Bermuda announced today the creation of a new summer volunteer initiative called the “Community Service Values Summer Program” designed to support Bermudian college students and several local non-profit organizations that have been impacted during the current pandemic. 

The Chubb Charitable Foundation – Bermuda partnered with the Ministry of Education, The Bermuda College, Knowledge Quest and the Bermuda Business Development Agency to identify up to 35 Bermudians entering their college sophomore, junior, or senior years and in need of summer employment to continue their studies in the fall. The Foundation will fund a weekly salary for each student in return for twenty hours a week of community service at a designated non-profit organization. 

Chubb Bermuda’s newly developed program will run for six weeks, beginning on June 29th. To date, more than twenty local charities have requested assistance on a variety of projects. 

“Most Bermudian students rely heavily on their summer employment wages to help pay for their college expenses, and this year the financial need of many has been further exacerbated by parents or family members who may have become unemployed, furloughed or had to take significant pay cuts during these unprecedented times,” said Judy Gonsalves, Division President, Chubb Bermuda. “Chubb is pleased to have come up with a creative solution that not only provides summer employment opportunities for Bermudian students, but also provides operational support and resources for many of Bermuda’s non-profits who are facing challenging times ahead as a result of the difficult economic conditions we are experiencing.” 

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